WordServe Kids Focus for July: Friendship

Over the past school year, we’ve enjoyed taking kids through God’s one big story. We’ve traveled through the Bible covering the familiar stories of Abraham and Joseph, Moses, and King David. We made it all the way to Jesus, Paul, and the start of the early church.

As the church started, no longer were there just a handful of disciples. These were growing congregations filled with people from all walks of life. And I think you see where I’m going with this: they were pretty much like that middle school band. They didn’t always get along. Sure, every so often, they got it right and there were glimpses of greatness. But they disagreed and argued. They had a hard time forgiving and accepting each other. At times, they even found it difficult to keep worshiping together.

Several of the apostles began writing to these believers, instructing them how to practice getting along and living in harmony with one another. These writings are not presented in the form of a story. They are letters and sermons, delivered by people and for people. They’re historic, but they’re not really a story. This summer may feel a little different, but it’s amazing to read these letters from real people to real people.

To help illustrate these important truths, we’ve wrapped them in a summer-long story about friendship. We’re continuing in July looking at what the New Testament letters have to say about friendship.

Friendship is treating others the way you want to be treated. Each week, we continue looking at a “one another” principle that gives us a framework for loving others the way God loved us. Because these are short verses, we suggest that you take this summer to memorize each one.

Our theme verse for July is Proverbs 17:17, NIrV. “A friend loves at all times. He is there to help when trouble comes.” This verse is a great reminder that friends aren’t just there for each other when everything is going well. They also are there to help when life is hard.

In Week 1, we kick off July back in the book of Romans. We know that it’s not always easy for us to get along with each other. This was also true of the believers in Rome. In Romans 12:16, Paul tells them that friends accept each other regardless of their differences. It’s easy to see how different we are from people around us. God accepts us as we are. When we accept others, we get to help them see how much God loves them too. Our Bottom Line is: Friends accept each other.

In Week 2, we’ll take a closer look at how friends forgive each other. In Colossians 3:13, Paul reminds us that God has forgiven us for everything we’ve ever done wrong! At some point, one of our friends will let us down. We should let go of what we’re holding against them and forgive them because God forgave us first. Putting up with each other means we don’t hold on to the things people might have done to hurt us. When we forgive them, we get to show them how much God loves them too. Our Bottom Line is: Friends forgive each other.

In Week 3, kids will discover how they can encourage each other. In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Paul tells the believers that they should build each other up with how they speak to one another. Basically, friends encourage each other. We have hope because of Jesus. When we share that hope with others, we can encourage them to keep going even when life is tough. Our Bottom Line is: Friends encourage each other.

Finally, in Week 4, we’ll wrap up our summer in the book of Hebrews. This is another letter full of wisdom from God. We will take a look at how friends worship with each other. The writer of Hebrews talks about this in chapter 10 verses 24 and 25. Life can be hard sometimes. Don’t try to go it alone. When we are connected to a community of friends who can encourage us and remind us of God’s love, it makes those times a little easier. We shouldn’t give up meeting together with our Small Group and friends at church. Encourage each other to live out loving God and loving others in every single thing you do. Our Bottom Line is: Friends worship with each other.

We pray this will be a fun end to the summer for kids to learn more about how they can show friendship to everyone.

July Parent Cue

Parent Cue for Toddlers

 By Dan Scott ©2014 The reThink Group. All rights reserved. www.ThinkOrange.com *Used by permission.


FaithFULL Kids Celebration

On Sunday June 8, 2014, WordServe celebrated the first anniversary of the FaithFULL Kids program.  God has blessed us and provided not only what we have needed–a meeting and storage location, food and monetary donations, and an abundant harvest of workers to serve–but He has also provided physical and spiritual nourishment for kids in our community.  Because of God’s goodness, we were able to meet (and exceed) our goals laid out for the first year of FaithFULL Kids.

Here are a few ways we have seen God at work this year:

–96 kids have received meals each week.

–In the 37 weeks of this past school year, 3,552 backpacks have been filled.

–This adds up to over $8,500 worth of food.

–There have been over 518 volunteer hours this year alone with an average of 14 volunteers each week.

–More than 220 people have been involved with an average of 6 new volunteers per week.

–Approximately 40 boxes of food were distributed during Spring Break.

–Over $23,000 has been raised to fund the program.

Our vision for FaithFULL Kids isn’t stopping with just these statistics–we have a dream to expand this program and impact even more children and families in the coming year.  This Summer, join WordServe Kids each Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 AM, as we pack meals for FaithFULL Kids at Guardian Taekwon-Do and deliver to Huggins Elementary for pick-up by our FaithFULL Kids families.  During pick-up, we have fun and faith-filled activities planned to help deepen our relationships with these children.  This is a great way for your kids to share their faith and serve the community during the summer months!  To sign up to serve or for more information, click HERE.


Lavi–a FaithFULL Kid in Action

Lavi Schwartz, son of Sabrina and Haim Schwartz, is one of our precious WordServe Kids who recently decided to take an active step to help others and demonstrate his faith.  Sabrina said,

“About two weeks before school let out for the summer, Lavi came to me and said “Momma, I want to do a lemonade stand for charity!” Surprised, I asked him “Why?” He said, “So that people who don’t have anything can have something!” Still curious about what he wanted to do, I asked “When?” and of course as expected from an impulsive young boy, he replied “Right now!” I explained to him that I didn’t even have a lemon to squeeze into a glass, so he would have to wait for me to get all the supplies. Lavi was not pleased with that answer and continued to beg. As a compromise, I asked him to start a shopping list and design some sketches for signs. When I saw his sign sketch, I noticed he was asking $40 for lemonade!   When I told him “Lavi, no one is going to pay $40 for lemonade!”, he simply replied, “Mom, it’s for charity; sure they will.”
Once I found a free Saturday morning, we made signs and prepared a table on the corner in front of our house. I posted Lavi’s stand on Facebook and friends, family, and neighbors came from all over–and you know what? Lavi was right!  Within three hours, he had raised $160 to donate to FaithFULL Kids.

10428715_10202796272722601_4372870999014743201_n                                 10337711_10203986984145734_829159739673492661_n


I can honestly say God was at work through Lavi with this because I can’t think of anything that could have sparked this idea. Not to say Lavi isn’t a giving child. He is. I just don’t know where or how he got the idea to do a lemonade stand to raise money for charity. In fact, while people were flocking over to him, he leaned over to me and whispered “I’m so glad I started this business!”

Lavi took a risk–most people really wouldn’t pay $40 for a cup of lemonade even on the hottest Katy day–but his faith that God could use him and his desire to serve others showed that even the smallest acts of service can have a great effect on the world.



FaithFULL Kids–Sheila’s Testimony

Last week, Suzy Moore explained the impact FaithFULL Kids had on her life when she and her community group packed and distributed meals over Spring Break.  This week, Sheila Abel would like to share her experience of serving the recipients of the FaithFULL Kids backpack meals.


“The biggest impact was the children. The children serving and the children receiving the help had only one commonality – GOD. Boundaries such as ethnicity, economic status, even age did not exist for that 30 minutes; they were all playing together enjoying each other, showing the adults that people of all backgrounds are the same inside; we want to love and be loved. For those children, playing tag and running with each other was how they loved on each other.

One child even came up to me and we created a beautiful bracelet for her out of tree bark and grass. Her little eyes were full of joy and gratitude mostly likely from the time an adult gave her. See, she plays with kids all the time; she stopped playing tag with the group and came over to the adults to join in our conversation.  Maybe to get attention that her little heart needed and our interaction gave her a little of God’s love. This I will remember because I am not in any way an “artsy-crafty person” so this was truly a God’s thing. (BTW that bracelet was really cute and would go with so many outfits, too. Next time I will be ready for her.)

The opportunity to have my kids go out and pack a few boxes of food and then hand it out provides them with a reminder of how blessed they are to always have access to food and how quickly something taken for granted could be taken away so easily. When we dropped of the food my kids were getting hungry, to provide an example for them of how it feels to be hungry, but to place others needs first. After the event they were very hungry and on the drive back home we had a delighted lesson on blessings and sharing those blessings with others.

The only risk I personally felt was how greedy I have seen myself become.  Returning home and viewing my pantry and freezer provided me with the realization that my family and I do not know truly know what it is like to ”be hungry”. Maybe we need to experiment during the summer, my children learn more by doing. 

If you are thinking about doing it, remember one thing – many of those truly in need want better they just need that hand to help them up. In all of the stories I can remember out of the Bible , God has always provided a hand from somewhere.  If He is calling you , ACT now–because the blessing you receive will have much more meaning now.”

If you would like to be a part of this awesome program, click here for more information, as well as the link to sign up!  Packing parties begin this week and will continue every Wednesday for the remainder of the summer.  Join in with what God is doing and bless children during these summer months!

FaithFULL Kids–Suzy’s Testimony

If you’ve been around WordServe for any time at all, you’ve probably heard us talk about FaithFULL Kids, a program that provides non-perishable food on the weekends to students at Huggins Elementary who receive free/reduced lunch during the school week.  We are passionate about this program because it meets basic needs in students’ lives, while providing an opportunity for them to experience the love of Christ.  This summer, we are expanding our ministry to pack and deliver meals on a weekly basis and we need your help!  One of our faithful participants, Suzy Moore, wanted to share a bit about how involvement in FaithFULL Kids has impacted her in a big way.  Over Spring Break, she and members of her community group delivered the food and found themselves making meaningful connections with the recipients.

“I knew that we were serving to form relationships inside of the Fulshear community, and at the time I arrived, I thought “I can’t even form meaningful relationships with my next door neighbors”, so I was very apprehensive about how I was going to form a relationship with a complete stranger that day. I observed Shelia Able make a connection with the most precious and sweet young girl named Erica. However, the door did not seem to open for me to make a connection on that day. Or so I thought. The next week while I was having lunch with my daughter at her elementary school, the same young girl with whom Shelia made a connection recognized me, and ran over to say “Hi Morgan’s Mommy! It’s me, Erica.” The light bulb went off for me. God called me to that serve event that Sunday to form a relationship, …with this young girl. (I was thinking it would be an adult/parent; I never saw young Erica coming – funny how God works that way). I know that I can make an impact in this community through serving Faithful Kids. I am certain that I have not fully experienced all that God will do for young Erica, but I am blessed to know that Faithful Kids allowed me to play a very tiny role that day to further His Kingdom, one (young) relationship at a time.”


This Summer, join WordServe Kids each Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 AM as we pack meals for FaithFULL Kids at Guardian Taekwon-Do and deliver to Huggins Elementary for pick up by our FaithFULL Kids families.  During pick-up, we have fun and faith-fulled activities planned to help deepen our relationships with these children.  This is a great way for your kids to share their faith and serve the community during the summer months!  This opportunity isn’t just limited to parents and kids–we want everyone to get involved!

To sign up, visit the FaithFULL Kids website here!

WordServe Kids Focus for June: Harmony

This past year, we’ve enjoyed taking kids through a contextual look at God’s One Big Story. We’ve traveled through the Bible covering the familiar stories of Abraham and Joseph, Moses and King David. We made it all the way to Jesus, Paul, and the start of the early church.

As the church started, no longer were these just a handful of disciples. These were growing congregations filled with people from all walks of life. And needless to say, they didn’t always get along. They disagreed and argued. They had a hard time forgiving and serving each other.

Several of the apostles began writing about how to live together as believers. These writings are not presented in the form of a story. They are letters. They are sermons. Delivered by people and for people, they are historic, but they are not really a story. But we think it’s important that kids experience those letters and sermons too. So to help illustrate these important truths, we’ve wrapped them in a summer-long story about friendship. We’re taking the summer to look at what the New Testament letters have to say about friendship.

Friendship is treating others the way you want to be treated. Each week, we’ll take a look at a “one another” principle that gives us a framework for loving others the way God loved us. Because these verses are short, we suggest that you take this summer to memorize each one.

In Week 1, we take a look at what John says about loving each other in 1 John 4:10-12. Kids will learn that because God loved us first, we should also love one another. Our Bottom Line is: Friends love each other.

In Week 2, kids learn from Peter’s teaching on hospitality found in 1 Peter 4:9. When it comes to welcoming others, we need to do so without complaining. Our Bottom Line is: Friends welcome each other.

In Week 3, kids will start talking about what they know that they could teach others. InRomans 15:14, Paul tells the church that they have what it takes to share Jesus with others. Our Bottom Line is: Friends teach each other.

In Week 4, we take a look at an important principle about patience. It’s hard to be a good friend when people can be frustrating. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 4:2 that we should put up with one another. Our Bottom Line is: Friends are patient with each other.

Finally, in Week 5, kids talk about an important part of friendship: service. Life isn’t all about us. Paul shares with us in Galatians 5:13b that relationships aren’t all about us. Our Bottom Line is: Friends serve each other.

Our summer widget, the Friend Pix Chain, was created to help kids memorize the verses each week. This simple chain comes with nine guitar-style picks, each one listing a Bible verse reference to go with the nine weeks of our summer Friendship series. Kids can add a new pick each week as they memorize the verse and wear the chain to remind them to treat others as they want to be treated.

We’ve also created a nine-week devotional book called Over the Fence: Adventures in Friendship. The book details the summer adventures of four unlikely friends through nine episodes. Each stand-alone story is followed by four days of devotional thoughts and activities to spark kids’ imaginations with God’s design for friendship. This book will be available for purchase at The Orange Conference or in our online Orange Store in May. (http://www.whatisorange.org)

We pray this will be a fun start to the summer for kids to learn more about how they can show friendship to everyone.

By Dan Scott ©2014 The reThink Group. All rights reserved. www.ThinkOrange.com *Used by permission.

To download a printable copy of the Parent Cue, click here!

Spotlight on Serving–Admin/Communications/Prayer

As Nolan pointed out in one of his recent sermons, sometimes our gifting finds itself a very obvious place in which to serve, and other times, we serve primarily because there is a need that must be met for the body of Christ to function properly.  This week’s Spotlight Servant, Cindy Haas, uses her specific, God-given talents and abilities not just because the duties of her areas must to get done, but because she’s really, really good at those jobs!  Cindy wears many hats at WordServe:  she serves in the areas of Administration & Communications, coordinates the Prayer Team, and also sings on the Worship Team.


1)      Why do you serve (in general)?

I have had a passion to serve the Lord in whatever way possible for years. It  was a “dream” to do so after recommitting my life to Christ in September of 1983. What better way to serve the Lord than with the talents He gave me that I used for my vocation. When our children were in Junior High and High School, I was a busy stay-at-home mom – doing the chauffeur thing and all that – but I was also involved with serving in the church we were attending by doing the weekly newsletters and also serving as the Rank and Advancement Chair with the Boy Scout Troop affiliated with our church.

2)      Why do you serve specifically in Admin/Communications/Prayer Team?

I worked as administrative support in the secular world for years and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to learn new skills. I give God the credit for all that. In 1999, we moved to the Katy area and a career opportunity presented itself. I was employed by our church we were attending. It was wonderful–using my social skills, along with my administrative skills–to be where I knew I was performing tasks for the Lord as I had always wanted to do. Due to various factors, I decided to retire. Since making that decision, I have begun to serve our church, continuing to do the things I have always enjoyed. And along the way, God has added a new passion to my list as a part of the Prayer Team, and more specifically the Prayer Altar Team of WordServe. God has been so good to me over the years, the least I can do is serve Him however He sees fit.

3)      How do you stay joyful in serving?

The Word says in Ephesians 6:7-8 that we should Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, 8 because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do. I have always followed this text as encouragement to honor my bosses as I would with the Lord as my ultimate boss. It is truly a joy to serve Him, being a part of the functioning church body, doing His will according to His plan.

4)      How do you see lives being made different in your area?

As I take inventory of the tasks that I am performing at WordServe, I know that these are vital components in the scheme of things. 

Using my administrative skills, I offer support in posting attendance, writing notes to prospects, making weekly copies of programs, as well as mailings and other things deemed as necessary. These things offer support to the staff and allow them to be focused on more pressing matters. Besides, it allows me to serve on behind-the-scene tasks that I enjoy doing to keep WordServe functioning as necessary.

Communication through the weekly E-news is a great way to allow everyone to connect with what is happening at WordServe. It gives important information and connects viewers to links to obtain in-depth information and to sign up for events. The compassion events can be life-changing for everyone – for the recipients and for the person signing up to serve. Other events can be growth-focused and can help us become joyful servants of Jesus.

The Prayer Team and Prayer Altar Team shows compassion for others by going to God regarding the concerns and needs of others.  After all of the praises and prayer requests from the week have been compiled, they are distributed to our Prayer Team to be prayed over for the week.  Prayers for the team include personal praise reports and requests, as well as prayers for the Church body.  The Prayer Altar Team is available to everyone on worship service days.  Of course, all prayers, whether written or spoken, are handled in confidence and are not discussed with anyone, even on these teams.  As a team, we encourage others to grow in their faith and draw closer to God, and we can see Him work in their lives, making them different.

Cindy certainly gives God all the credit for the incredible ways she is being used at WordServe.  Without her willingness to use her skills and talents, communication between WordServe and its congregation would fall short.  If you feel that you have a similar skills-set as Cindy or have a passion for prayer , sign up for the Administration/Communications Team or Prayer Team today!

Spotlight on Serving–Welcome/Greeter Team

Meeting someone for the first time can be awkward.  Both people involved probably have all kinds of questions and insecurities running through their minds:  What do I say?  What if I forget his name?  Will she like me?  Do I have a piece of food in my teeth?  Moreover, going to a new church and meeting a whole bunch of people for the first time can be intimidating and uncomfortable.  Thankfully, awkward and scary first introductions are non-existent at WordServe, largely due to our awesome Welcome and Greeter team.  These hospitable, friendly folks  lovingly ensure that guests and members of WordServe feel like they belong every Sunday morning.  Chris Roberts, one of our faithful greeters, never fails to offer a smile, an encouraging word, and a big ol’ bear hug–only if you want one, though!
photo 2
Why do you serve?
It’s part of what we’re called to do–to give of our time and resources.  
It helps to connect two pieces of WordServe’s overarching strategy:  the Serve element of Compassion and the foundation of relationships that make up Community.
 Why do you serve on the greeter team?
I serve on the greeter team because God has given me the gift of hospitality.  While I don’t possess the skills to operate”our Mike’s” set of power tools, I feel I have something to offer in this area.  At a high level, I enjoy the challenge of building relationship bridges.  I also enjoy the camaraderie of the Team and the selflessness that everyone exhibits.   That selflessness is prevalent in the challenges of coordinating pretty dynamic schedules, but always done with a lens of grace, and a “let me help” attitude. Pretty amazing group.
How do you stay joyful?
Even though I fall short of “staying joyful” 24/7  or even 12/7, I think greeting someone with a smile, or better yet a hug, has a tendency to help us focus on the positives every day.  I also want to be sure that we’re putting our best effort toward making a warm and genuine first impression to those who may not know WordServe (especially if their default positions may lean toward cynicism), to show them genuine transparency, and demonstrate how Life is Different at WordServe.  I might also add, it’s easy to stay joyful when the leadership of this committee, past and present, is so committed to making it a success.
 How do you see lives being made different by what you do on the Greeter team?
I ultimately hope I’m making a small difference, but how I quantify that is really not up to me to fully understand or measure.  By the way, there are lots of folks at WordServe doing much more, especially from a time commitment.  At the end of the day, I want to do my part.  Some days, that means one more link towards building a vibrant relationship. Other days, that’s somebody walking up to me and giving me a hug first!
Thanks to Chris and our other greeters for welcoming every person with kindness and a smile!
photo 1

Spotlight on Serving–WordServe Youth

This week’s portrait of a servant features Bill Beck, who serves the WordServe Youth Group.


With WordServe Church being a relatively new young church, many might be surprised to find out that we have a vibrant, growing youth group!  WordServe Youth meets at Guardian Taekwon-do in Fulshear every Sunday night from 5:00-7:00 pm.  A typical Sunday night includes dinner, ridiculously fun games, praise & worship, a relevant, Bible-based lesson and discussion, as well as a time for the youth to pray for one another.  Without servants like Bill, WordServe Youth would look very different–God has definitely gifted him for this kind of service.   Bill, father to Hannah and Charlie, geology guru, and all around cool guy, is the epitome of the patient, wise, and creative leader needed to shepherd a bunch of energetic teenagers.   If you have ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with Bill, you know that he is never at a loss for beautiful words.  Here is a short snippet of his heart for WordServe Youth:

1.  Why do you serve?

I serve because I feel God calls us all to serve and He has blessed me with the ability and the means to serve.  I feel blessed by serving and experience a deep joy that seems to come from a fulfilled sense of purpose as a joyful servant. 

I believe that Jesus first served me well before I was born; the price He paid, I can never truly payback…but I can at least serve joyfully in full gratitude.

2.  Why do you serve on this team (WordServe Youth)?

I find that probably the most fulfilled sense of purpose I experience is with WordServe Youth. I grew up without any real male role model – except Robert Reed who played the role of Mike Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” but I doubt his character truly sustained me.  Also, he couldn’t answer my questions, he couldn’t affirm me when I doubted myself, and most certainly, he didn’t know me or the enormous fears I had.  That said, I believe God specially built me to minister to today’s youth.  I enjoy a similar role as an Assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts.

I also like to hear how the younger generations think about and solve problems and how they pursue their faith in their highly dynamic junior high school and high school lives.  I like to help them access God through His printed Word, shared experiences, and mentorship.  In short, I like being a positive role model for them because I so missed it as a young man and fundamentally, I guess it’s like me saying that our youth will not be absent a positive male role model on my watch!

3.  How do you stay joyful?

I simply think about how awesome God’s been in my life through His sacrifice, compassion and forgiveness, and His perfect provision of my needs.  Why wouldn’t I be joyful.  Don’t get me wrong, I have “my moments/days”, but when I’m able to just think about what Jesus endured while walking with us and I think, “WOW!  How stinking cool is Jesus!”

I also like to pray quietly.  I find that as my relationship grows with God, I am fulfilled and joyful.  I’m not sure if it’s confident faith as I sometimes feel like I struggle with being confidently faithful, but maybe I’m more confident than I think?  Hmmm.  Hadn’t really thought about that too much.

4.  How do you see lives being made different because of what you’re doing (via WordServe Youth)?

I think about the love the guys share with me as we get to know one another.  I think about this past Winter Retreat, when we all grew a bit closer together.  I think about an example I shared with my Retreat Family–that like a character we studied from historic England who claimed he would “crawl across eastern Europe” to lead non-believers to Christ, I pray that I’d be so strong that I’d do that for them.  I’d do it not so much because I’m that dedicated and committed to their faith, but because God set the example by reaching out to me, having sacrificed infinitely more for my salvation.  How could I not do the same and call myself a positive male role model?  The answer is I cannot with any degree of integrity.

So, my life is different in that I’m actually able to be a physical manifestation of a positive male role model for the One who was my only true role model.  And that is a VERY different life, indeed!

Perhaps you feel a similar calling to be a positive influence in the lives of youth or desire to teach them how to apply faith to their everyday lives.  WordServe Youth would love to have you!  There is always a need for Supper Servants (responsible for setting  up dinner and collecting money), Small Group leaders (who lead discussions based on the evening’s lesson and pray with the students), and chaperones/drivers for various special events.  Maybe you are gifted in leading silly, messy games–if so, God can use you even in that!  As we can see from Bill’s example of service, all it takes is a willing, open heart to truly demonstrate Christ’s love to teenagers!  If you would like more information about serving in WordServe Youth, contact Nolan at ndonald@wordserve.org.  We would love to have you!


Spotlight on Serving–WordServe Kids

Some of the most beautiful sounds that can be heard on a Sunday morning are the enthusiastic voices of the children singing next door to the Worship Center.  One of the most beautiful sights that can be seen on a Sunday morning is the loving interaction between those same kids and the WordServe Kids servants.  Serving in this area can include:

  • greeting families and checking in children
  • playing with the kids and making them feel comfortable
  • singing praise & worship songs
  • teaching or assisting with Bible stories
  • arts & crafts
  • praying
  • providing a safe and loving environment for kids to learn about Jesus

Craig Brandenberger is one of our faithful WordServe Kids servants who regularly helps out in the toddler/preschool areas.  He graciously shared a little bit about why he loves serving in WordServe Kids.

 IMG_8398 (1)

Why do you serve?

I serve partly because I feel an obligation as a Child of God to train others in a Christian manner.  I also serve because I want to become integrated into the church in a functional way.

Why do you serve on this team?

I serve on this team because I enjoy the energy and overabundance of joyful attitude from the kids.  They are so enjoyable to work with!  Also, the team itself is very open and willingly accepts new servants.

How do you stay joyful?

I stay joyful because I feel like a part of a team– like I belong there–working with the kids.

How do you see lives being made different because of what you’re doing?

I see lives being formed and molded rather than being made different due to working with kids; I see the changes from how the preschoolers worship to how the toddlers interact with each other.

The servants who give their time and energy to WordServe Kids make a real difference.  There is so much fruit that can be seen in WordServe Kids–from children learning to pray, to reading the Bible for the first time, to developing a lifestyle of service and heart for people who don’t know God. There are five different age groups in which to serve:  Nursery (birth-walking), Walkers and Toddlers (1-2 years and walking), Preschool (3 to 5 years), Kindergarten and First grade, and 2nd-5th grade.  We also need servants to greet and check-in children at the Welcome Table.

The foundation these kids are building in WordServe Kids is of eternal value.  Will you join in?