3 Steps in Becoming a Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice

Have you ever wondered how you might become a mouthpiece for Truth and Justice?  The idea can be intimidating, to say the least.  I mean, how do I:

  • know where to start?
  • know what to say or do?
  • conduct myself so that Christ is glorified?

Or maybe you’re not convinced that you need to be a mouthpiece for Truth and Justice.  If that’s your starting point, perhaps you’d like to listen to this sermon from Pastor Bill on this very topic.

But let’s just say you believe that we should connect our faith to everyday life, and that the world needs to hear from the Christ in you.  And let’s just say you’re not alone.  With a powerful community and The Holy Spirit, you’re more than equipped to make a significant impact in the world.  So let’s get started! Continue reading

Spotlight on Serving – WordServe’s Setup and Tear Down Team

Franjo - a joyful servant!

Franjo – a joyful servant!

This week’s portrait of a joyful servant is Franjo Prpic.  Franjo is originally from Croatia and is a spritely 70+ years young.  He chooses to serve in the WordServe Setup and Tear Down team.

WordServe is a portable church, which means everything one sees on Sunday morning has to be brought out of a storage shed and setup before anything else can happen.  Without this vital team, there would be no service, no WordServe kids, and no place to put donuts!

Similarly, the team stays after the service to take down our portable church, put it back in the trailer, and store it away until next week.

There are two things you can always count on when it comes to Franjo’s service:

  1. He will be there in the morning before anyone else arrives
  2. He will have the biggest smile and warmest greeting of anyone on the team!

We asked Franjo the following four questions to get a glimpse of a joyful servant of Jesus:

1.  Why do you serve?

The first word that comes to mind for Franjo is “fun!”  Franjo truly enjoys getting together with other members of the team, seeing the smiles on their faces, and of course, going for donuts together after setup is complete!

2.  Why do you serve on this team?

Franjo started serving with setup and tear down because he was invited to served and because he recognized a need.  So he asked, “Why not me?”   Franjo realizes the importance of this team: if setup doesn’t happen, nothing else happens on Sunday morning.  After joining the team, he has found joy in serving, and knows that the team is excellent at what they do.  He is glad to be a part of it, especially as he sees others coming to church on Sundays.

3.  How do you stay joyful?

Franjo says, “It’s not hard to stay joyful in our living church!  I am only a reflection of what I see around me!”  In this regard, Franjo is the ideal portrait of what happens when people who love Christ come together for a common task.  In other words, it’s not just about the job… it’s about a joyful community.

4.  How do you see lives being made different because of what you’re doing?

Franjo is quick to point out that lives are being made different because of one thing only: Jesus.  He describes Christ as his guidance, inspiration, and leader… for ever and ever!

There is one final thing Franjo would like you to know: he loves you all!

Thanks Franjo, for your dedicated and joyful service.  You truly guide others to grow as joyful servants of Jesus!

Spotlight on Serving – WordServe Compassion Team

There are many people at WordServe who exemplify joyful servants of Jesus.  Over the next month, we’re going to highlight just a handful of people who represent WordServe’s mission of “Guiding people to grow as joyful servants of Jesus.”

This week’s joyful servant of Jesus is Rachel Dillon, from WordServe’s Compassion Team.  Our Compassion Team is the one that reaches outside our walls to share Jesus’ love with the world through serving the community, both locally and globally.


Rachel runs a growing program called “FaithFULL Kids” that helps kids on free or reduced lunch programs at Huggins Elementary School make sure they have enough to eat when they’re not in school.  Imagine what weekends, holidays, and especially summer break might look like for these little ones… with no guarantees for a steady supply of food.  Thankfully, Rachel and the FaithFULL Kids servants provide not only food to fill their stomachs, but love and encouragement as well.

Rachel’s heart for children and her desire to take action have propelled FaithFULL kids into a life-changing ministry for both kids and volunteers alike.  Rachel truly represents a joyful servant of Jesus who also guides others to grow in their faith and in their service.

We asked Rachel four questions to gain some insight on why she serves:

1.  Why do you serve?

I originally started serving because I thought it would be good to help others. I continue to serve because of the indescribable joy it brings to all involved, recipients and servants alike!

2.  Why do you serve on the Compassion Team?

 I have been blessed by the Grace of God more than I could ever deserve. I serve in the Compassion area because my heart aches for people who struggle. I know that I alone cannot fix or change other people’s circumstances, but I can show someone they are important, loved, and needed. I can be a helping hand to lighten someone else’s load or a glimmer of hope that our current circumstances are only temporary.

3.  How do you stay joyful?

How do you not stay joyful in serving? I love meeting new people with new enthusiasm for a cause. I love knowing that what I am doing makes someone’s day brighter and easier. But most importantly, I know serving makes God smile!

4.  How do you see lives being made different because of your service?

By serving with my family, I see a difference in my daughters. They look for ways to raise money for different organizations, instead of raising money for toys or treats for themselves. They also take ownership of the projects we serve on and find ways to lead, such as preparing the stations at FaithFULL Kids, getting servants signed in, and inviting their friends to join them. I also see the recipients of FaithFULL Kids’ lives changing because they have shared that receiving the extra food not only helps fill their tummies, but also lets them know others care for them, are praying for them, and want to see them succeed.

Rachel is one of many joyful servants of Jesus at WordServe Church.  If you would like to serve with WordServe’s Compassion team, visit wordserve.org/serve and sign up today!  If you’re not sure if the Compassion Team is right for you, stay tuned for more to come!!!

Either way, we invite you to come check us out at WordServe Church, where “Life is Different!”

How Long, Lord?

“O LORD, how long will you forget me? Forever? How long will you look the other way? How long must I struggle with anguish in my soul, with sorrow in my heart every day?” (Psa 13:1–2 NLT)

The injustices in this world are maddening, aren’t they?  Why should some have so much, and others so little? And why doesn’t God do something about it?

Do you know what I think?  I think God IS doing something about injustice and hardship… he’s inviting us to partner with him to bring restoration and peace.

A young mother who is now doing her best to take care of her young children plus some extended family might have been thinking, “How long, Lord?”  With 8 children to care for and a house that needs some help, she approached WordServe to see if we could help.  After planning, consideration, and on-site evaluation, WordServe’s Compassion team decided they could take on her house repairs.

Mind you, this won’t be a weekend project.  This will be many weekends, all done by volunteers on their time off.  As I thought about the scope of work, the enemy’s voice started up:

  • WordServe can’t do this… it’s too big
  • The Church will promise and get hopes up, but you won’t be able to deliver
  • You’ll do more harm than good

Indeed, as I rode out to meet the family with our Director of Compassion and our project manager, I couldn’t help but wonder, “How can WordServe possibly pull this off?”

big prayer road signAs this thought crossed my mind, we rounded the next turn. I couldn’t help but notice the street sign:

Big Prayer Road

No… I’m not making that up.  That’s the road name!  And that’s the answer.

God knew long before my doubts that there was a need.  God has been preparing the work site and the workers.  And God is inviting us to join in what God will pull off… not WordServe.

The Psalm above started with a cry for help, but don’t stop reading there.  And more importantly, don’t live there!  Have the faith to see the end of the story, even before the end is clear:

But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the LORD because he is good to me.” (Psa 13:5–6 NLT)

Want to help?  How about starting with some “Big Prayer?”

Serving joyfully,

Visit http://www.wordserve.org/habitatforhuggins for regular updates.  Volunteers welcome!