Teachable Moments from Habitat for Huggins

As of you may know, WordServe has been involved in an on-going construction project called Habitat for Huggins which is aimed at helping a local family whose home was in need of much repair and re-building.  A couple of weeks ago, WordServe had a service day to put in insulation at the house, and then later that weekend, WordServe Youth built a playhouse for the family’s children.  This weekend project was a perfect picture of the body of Christ coming together, with its many unique and special parts, to work together in unity for a common purpose.  One of our WordServe servants, Pam Gdanski, shared a powerful testimony about her experience helping the Youth build the playhouse.

“One thing that stood out more than anything was Rick Gdanski working with one of the family’s younger sons.  Before Rick ever did started working this project, he first showed the boy what he was doing, walked him through how to do the job, then had him complete the task himself, with Rick guiding him the whole time.  The boy was right there with him soaking in everything Rick was telling him.  Rick was so patient with him too, and involved him in the conversation and the decisions that were made about the playhouse we were building.  I noticed how respectful the boy was with Rick and how much he watched his every move.  I loved seeing Rick model this behavior for the young boy and teach him valuable life lessons!
Another obvious heart-warming moment was watching our youth play with the family’s kids and the other neighborhood children.  There were no barriers because of who they were, or the house they lived in.  The youth were giving piggy back rides, letting the young girls braid their hair, and playing “rock” ball.  The youth loved on these kids this afternoon and included them in all the games.  We also got to go into the house and look around.  One of the daughters pulled me by her hand and showed me every inch of the house.  The smiles on their faces were priceless; there was so much joy and excitement.  Just spending the afternoon with them was a blessing in itself.”
I’m sure the young boy will forever remember the patient, loving instruction given by Rick.  Even though the task might have been completed faster on his own, Rick saw the value in providing a teachable moment for the young boy, giving him ownership and pride in the project.  Not only did the children end up with an awesome new playhouse, but they were able to experience the joy spread by the servants there, and vice versa!
WordServe’s next Habitat for Huggins workday is on October 25.  You can sign up to serve by clicking here.  We hope to see you there!  You won’t regret being involved in such an incredible demonstration of Christ’s love!