Spotlight on Serving–Admin/Communications/Prayer

As Nolan pointed out in one of his recent sermons, sometimes our gifting finds itself a very obvious place in which to serve, and other times, we serve primarily because there is a need that must be met for the body of Christ to function properly.  This week’s Spotlight Servant, Cindy Haas, uses her specific, God-given talents and abilities not just because the duties of her areas must to get done, but because she’s really, really good at those jobs!  Cindy wears many hats at WordServe:  she serves in the areas of Administration & Communications, coordinates the Prayer Team, and also sings on the Worship Team.


1)      Why do you serve (in general)?

I have had a passion to serve the Lord in whatever way possible for years. It  was a “dream” to do so after recommitting my life to Christ in September of 1983. What better way to serve the Lord than with the talents He gave me that I used for my vocation. When our children were in Junior High and High School, I was a busy stay-at-home mom – doing the chauffeur thing and all that – but I was also involved with serving in the church we were attending by doing the weekly newsletters and also serving as the Rank and Advancement Chair with the Boy Scout Troop affiliated with our church.

2)      Why do you serve specifically in Admin/Communications/Prayer Team?

I worked as administrative support in the secular world for years and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to learn new skills. I give God the credit for all that. In 1999, we moved to the Katy area and a career opportunity presented itself. I was employed by our church we were attending. It was wonderful–using my social skills, along with my administrative skills–to be where I knew I was performing tasks for the Lord as I had always wanted to do. Due to various factors, I decided to retire. Since making that decision, I have begun to serve our church, continuing to do the things I have always enjoyed. And along the way, God has added a new passion to my list as a part of the Prayer Team, and more specifically the Prayer Altar Team of WordServe. God has been so good to me over the years, the least I can do is serve Him however He sees fit.

3)      How do you stay joyful in serving?

The Word says in Ephesians 6:7-8 that we should Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, 8 because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do. I have always followed this text as encouragement to honor my bosses as I would with the Lord as my ultimate boss. It is truly a joy to serve Him, being a part of the functioning church body, doing His will according to His plan.

4)      How do you see lives being made different in your area?

As I take inventory of the tasks that I am performing at WordServe, I know that these are vital components in the scheme of things. 

Using my administrative skills, I offer support in posting attendance, writing notes to prospects, making weekly copies of programs, as well as mailings and other things deemed as necessary. These things offer support to the staff and allow them to be focused on more pressing matters. Besides, it allows me to serve on behind-the-scene tasks that I enjoy doing to keep WordServe functioning as necessary.

Communication through the weekly E-news is a great way to allow everyone to connect with what is happening at WordServe. It gives important information and connects viewers to links to obtain in-depth information and to sign up for events. The compassion events can be life-changing for everyone – for the recipients and for the person signing up to serve. Other events can be growth-focused and can help us become joyful servants of Jesus.

The Prayer Team and Prayer Altar Team shows compassion for others by going to God regarding the concerns and needs of others.  After all of the praises and prayer requests from the week have been compiled, they are distributed to our Prayer Team to be prayed over for the week.  Prayers for the team include personal praise reports and requests, as well as prayers for the Church body.  The Prayer Altar Team is available to everyone on worship service days.  Of course, all prayers, whether written or spoken, are handled in confidence and are not discussed with anyone, even on these teams.  As a team, we encourage others to grow in their faith and draw closer to God, and we can see Him work in their lives, making them different.

Cindy certainly gives God all the credit for the incredible ways she is being used at WordServe.  Without her willingness to use her skills and talents, communication between WordServe and its congregation would fall short.  If you feel that you have a similar skills-set as Cindy or have a passion for prayer , sign up for the Administration/Communications Team or Prayer Team today!

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