Spotlight on Serving–WordServe Youth

This week’s portrait of a servant features Bill Beck, who serves the WordServe Youth Group.


With WordServe Church being a relatively new young church, many might be surprised to find out that we have a vibrant, growing youth group!  WordServe Youth meets at Guardian Taekwon-do in Fulshear every Sunday night from 5:00-7:00 pm.  A typical Sunday night includes dinner, ridiculously fun games, praise & worship, a relevant, Bible-based lesson and discussion, as well as a time for the youth to pray for one another.  Without servants like Bill, WordServe Youth would look very different–God has definitely gifted him for this kind of service.   Bill, father to Hannah and Charlie, geology guru, and all around cool guy, is the epitome of the patient, wise, and creative leader needed to shepherd a bunch of energetic teenagers.   If you have ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with Bill, you know that he is never at a loss for beautiful words.  Here is a short snippet of his heart for WordServe Youth:

1.  Why do you serve?

I serve because I feel God calls us all to serve and He has blessed me with the ability and the means to serve.  I feel blessed by serving and experience a deep joy that seems to come from a fulfilled sense of purpose as a joyful servant. 

I believe that Jesus first served me well before I was born; the price He paid, I can never truly payback…but I can at least serve joyfully in full gratitude.

2.  Why do you serve on this team (WordServe Youth)?

I find that probably the most fulfilled sense of purpose I experience is with WordServe Youth. I grew up without any real male role model – except Robert Reed who played the role of Mike Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” but I doubt his character truly sustained me.  Also, he couldn’t answer my questions, he couldn’t affirm me when I doubted myself, and most certainly, he didn’t know me or the enormous fears I had.  That said, I believe God specially built me to minister to today’s youth.  I enjoy a similar role as an Assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts.

I also like to hear how the younger generations think about and solve problems and how they pursue their faith in their highly dynamic junior high school and high school lives.  I like to help them access God through His printed Word, shared experiences, and mentorship.  In short, I like being a positive role model for them because I so missed it as a young man and fundamentally, I guess it’s like me saying that our youth will not be absent a positive male role model on my watch!

3.  How do you stay joyful?

I simply think about how awesome God’s been in my life through His sacrifice, compassion and forgiveness, and His perfect provision of my needs.  Why wouldn’t I be joyful.  Don’t get me wrong, I have “my moments/days”, but when I’m able to just think about what Jesus endured while walking with us and I think, “WOW!  How stinking cool is Jesus!”

I also like to pray quietly.  I find that as my relationship grows with God, I am fulfilled and joyful.  I’m not sure if it’s confident faith as I sometimes feel like I struggle with being confidently faithful, but maybe I’m more confident than I think?  Hmmm.  Hadn’t really thought about that too much.

4.  How do you see lives being made different because of what you’re doing (via WordServe Youth)?

I think about the love the guys share with me as we get to know one another.  I think about this past Winter Retreat, when we all grew a bit closer together.  I think about an example I shared with my Retreat Family–that like a character we studied from historic England who claimed he would “crawl across eastern Europe” to lead non-believers to Christ, I pray that I’d be so strong that I’d do that for them.  I’d do it not so much because I’m that dedicated and committed to their faith, but because God set the example by reaching out to me, having sacrificed infinitely more for my salvation.  How could I not do the same and call myself a positive male role model?  The answer is I cannot with any degree of integrity.

So, my life is different in that I’m actually able to be a physical manifestation of a positive male role model for the One who was my only true role model.  And that is a VERY different life, indeed!

Perhaps you feel a similar calling to be a positive influence in the lives of youth or desire to teach them how to apply faith to their everyday lives.  WordServe Youth would love to have you!  There is always a need for Supper Servants (responsible for setting  up dinner and collecting money), Small Group leaders (who lead discussions based on the evening’s lesson and pray with the students), and chaperones/drivers for various special events.  Maybe you are gifted in leading silly, messy games–if so, God can use you even in that!  As we can see from Bill’s example of service, all it takes is a willing, open heart to truly demonstrate Christ’s love to teenagers!  If you would like more information about serving in WordServe Youth, contact Nolan at  We would love to have you!


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