Spotlight on Serving–WordServe Kids

Some of the most beautiful sounds that can be heard on a Sunday morning are the enthusiastic voices of the children singing next door to the Worship Center.  One of the most beautiful sights that can be seen on a Sunday morning is the loving interaction between those same kids and the WordServe Kids servants.  Serving in this area can include:

  • greeting families and checking in children
  • playing with the kids and making them feel comfortable
  • singing praise & worship songs
  • teaching or assisting with Bible stories
  • arts & crafts
  • praying
  • providing a safe and loving environment for kids to learn about Jesus

Craig Brandenberger is one of our faithful WordServe Kids servants who regularly helps out in the toddler/preschool areas.  He graciously shared a little bit about why he loves serving in WordServe Kids.

 IMG_8398 (1)

Why do you serve?

I serve partly because I feel an obligation as a Child of God to train others in a Christian manner.  I also serve because I want to become integrated into the church in a functional way.

Why do you serve on this team?

I serve on this team because I enjoy the energy and overabundance of joyful attitude from the kids.  They are so enjoyable to work with!  Also, the team itself is very open and willingly accepts new servants.

How do you stay joyful?

I stay joyful because I feel like a part of a team– like I belong there–working with the kids.

How do you see lives being made different because of what you’re doing?

I see lives being formed and molded rather than being made different due to working with kids; I see the changes from how the preschoolers worship to how the toddlers interact with each other.

The servants who give their time and energy to WordServe Kids make a real difference.  There is so much fruit that can be seen in WordServe Kids–from children learning to pray, to reading the Bible for the first time, to developing a lifestyle of service and heart for people who don’t know God. There are five different age groups in which to serve:  Nursery (birth-walking), Walkers and Toddlers (1-2 years and walking), Preschool (3 to 5 years), Kindergarten and First grade, and 2nd-5th grade.  We also need servants to greet and check-in children at the Welcome Table.

The foundation these kids are building in WordServe Kids is of eternal value.  Will you join in?

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