The Heartbeat of a Classroom

Almost a year ago, WordServe adopted Huggins Elementary, partnering with the administration and staff to meet the needs of the school and positively impact the community surrounding it.  Throughout the year, we have been able to bless teachers of Huggins in very tangible, practical ways that make their classrooms warm, welcoming environments for students.  Most recently, we were able to purchase three “kidney” tables that went to the reading facilitator, the math facilitator, and a 2nd grade teacher.

What is a “kidney” table, you ask?  Well, basically, it’s a side table with a kidney or horseshoe shaped top.


Many educators use these tables for small group instruction.  So what is the big deal about having one in the classroom?  Why would WordServe spend money on furniture?  One of the recipients of the tables responded:

“As educators, we teach in small group settings to pinpoint gaps in learning, build relationships with our students, and provide a learning environment that allows and encourages students to feel safe when asking and answering questions.  The purchase of the kidney tables is where all this happens.  It may be a kidney table to some, but to us it is the heartbeat of the classroom.

Another teacher wrote:

“I am so thankful for the beautiful table you have blessed me with this year.  You saw my need and filled it just as the Bible tells us to do.  Your church truly lives its name, and we are so blessed to have each and every member donate their money and time in prayer for us–without expectations of anything in return.  Such is God’s love!”

How true–your prayers and support of Huggins is making a huge impact in the lives of students, teachers, and staff.  We are so thankful for the ways God is opening doors to serve Huggins Elementary.

Right now, say a quick prayer that the kidney tables would continue to enhance student learning and foster healthy relationships between students and teachers.


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