WordServe Kids Build a Bear, Build a Smile

On Saturday, January 18, several families from WordServe and the greater Fulshear area went to Build-A-Bear Workshop in order to create personalized stuffed animals to give to children at a local hospital. Rachel and Marcus Dillon went with their two daughters, and they returned with this testimony:

“All of the kids were so excited to create animals that would be donated to children in the hospital. It was amazing to see how each child took special care to pick just the right animal and outfit. At the end of our Build-A-Bear visit, an employee had the kids march to the front of the store while doing a little chant. Instead of the normal “Take me home!” our kids asked if they could chant, “Take me to the hospital!” The kids, even the youngest, knew these were not toys for them to keep, but a toy that would comfort and bring a smile to another child facing a difficult time.

The joy of elevating others is undeniably the best feeling in the world! It’s great to see our kids being a part of this.”

Build A Bear Jan. '14 013 Build A Bear Jan. '14 016 Build A Bear Jan. '14 022 Build A Bear Jan. '14 030 Build A Bear Jan. '14 031

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