Spare Change, Life Change

WordServe Kids at Living Water International

A group from WordServe Kids visit Living Water International’s headquarters in Stafford

Kynley and Avery were each saving money for something special–until a field trip convinced them to give money away instead.

“Before I went to Living Water International, I was saving money to buy an American Girl Doll,” says Kynley, 8.  Avery, 6, chimes in, “I was saving for a puppy.” Both girls realized they could save money for something even better. “We’re collecting money for Living Water so they can give it to people who don’t have clean water to drink,” says Avery. 

Kynley and Avery Raising money for LWI

Kynley and Avery sell lemonade in their neighborhood to collect money

Since WordServe Kids took a field trip to the headquarters of Living Water International, Kynley and Avery have carried large water containers everywhere they go, seizing opportunities to tell others about Living Water and ask for spare change. The girls even set up a lemonade stand and went door-to-door in their neighborhood selling cookies to raise funds. When you consider that some estimates say that one dollar can provide one person with clean water for an entire year, you can see–all that spare change really adds up to life change.

The life change doesn’t just happen to those people who will get clean water because of these girls. In fact, Kynley and Avery’s lives are different already. Instead of using the money for something they want for themselves (even something as cool as an American Girl Doll or a new puppy), they are connecting their faith to everyday life and using the money to elevate others as God’s masterpieces.

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