A Letter from the Black Sea

Here at WordServe, we believe, “Life is Different.”

And living life differently can be pretty exciting.  For example, what would you do if you found yourself in the middle of the Black Sea on a boat with people from every faith… and no faith?  Here’s a “Letter from the Black Sea” by one of our WordServe stalwarts that explains how he’s dealing with living differently:

Dear All,

I am missing yall, although lucky to be surrounded by a great team of guys here.

When the opportunity of traveling to the Black Sea came to me, I was excited. A new sea to scratch off from an inexistent list. But you must know that from a vessel at sea and beyond the sight of land, all seas look exactly the same… Just lots of water around us. No matter how many times, though, I have been fooled by the excitement every single one of them.

Well, let’s get down to business. I read this today, “…Jesus cared far more about the quality of his disciples than about their quantity.”  This made me think of WordServe, and the members of our Community Group. Not that I compare, but it made me think of us. How much WordServe cares about our Kingdom development, pushing us beyond our comfort zones but closer to God.

Since I was so far from God, these pushes have got me closer to Him, no doubt about it. There was this day that I drank the Kool’Aid, and it’s been anenlightening journey so far.

How did I come about WordServe? There is no scientific explanation for this. So even if I wanted to explain it without mentioning God’s will, I wouldn’t be able to and my only other alternative would be to shut up. I don’t know if you feel this is the case for you too, and I’d love to know…

On this vessel, about half of the people are Muslims from Egypt, and the other half are atheist from the UK and Russia. There is one Hindu, and he is the person I am developing a relationship with. Last time I checked, there was one Christian, me (although, there might be others, hidden by default). I feel very unqualified to start converting everybody, but I am trying to behave as JC would want me to (although, He might be thinking I am having too many sodas).

I have been listening a lot here, well you know me, “the talker-not.”  Trying to learn about these religions, the ways of these people’s lives, and about the non-religious, not from books but rather from their tales. I think it is fascinating how the religious talk about the same topic [God], but use a different language [Muslim, Christian, Hindu]. It is also fascinating how the non-religious put so much effort in justifying a belief, or lack-thereof, making themselves the center of every single thing (this sounds very familiar). And I find fascinating that there is so much to learn even in this little world of 33 people… So even though being surrounded by water here feels like anywhere, being surrounded by these people here isn’t but singular for this place and time, and I hope God gives me the wisdom to learn and enjoy this gift of His.

I love you, and I would normally say something like “I can’t wait to see you again”; but JC wants me to say otherwise because he wants me to practice patience.

We pray for our brother on his adventure: not only that he would practice God’s patience, but God’s presence as well.

Want to know more about how your life can be different?  Check out www.wordserve.org and join us Sundays, 9:45am for worship!  Your life will never be the same!

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