Kyaw-Kyaw’s Story

Kyaw-Kyaw rides his bike with his son

Kyaw-Kyaw’s bike gives him (and his family) opportunities that he wouldn’t otherwise have.

This is Kyaw-Kyaw. He and his family are refugees from Burma seeking a new life in Houston. Every day, Kyaw-Kyaw rides his bike two miles each way with his son on the back so his son can go to preschool and start his education. Education means a new start for Kyaw-Kyaw and his family, but education would be impossible without transportation. That’s where the bike comes in.

Kyaw-Kyaw received his bike during WordServe’s annual Church Has Left the Building Compassion event in 2011. “I just love this photo,” says Erika Yelverton, WordServe’s Director of Compassion. “It reminds me so much of what WordServe is about and how great our God is.” When we elevate others as God’s masterpieces by serving them, we make a choice that can change the lives.  Join us as we celebrate God’s presence and work in our lives, our community, and the world. Together we will serve and show others that, because of God, Life is Different!

Watch the video and check out all the different ways God was moving during this year’s Church Has Left the Building! 

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